Ruzanna B&B
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A cozy private house in the center of Stepanavan town. Beautiful garden, hospitable landloards, great food and a nice room. Ruzanna's Bed & Breakfast is located in the heart of Stepanavan. It is a cozy house with a history of 220 years. The majority of the citizens of Stepanavan who had first settled in this town have lived at least a day in this house. The street where the house is located is called Milioni street because the majority of the houses of that street belonged to a millionair before the Soviet Union was created. The basement of the house has served as a spinning mill about a century ago, where women carded the wool and made thread out of it. Friendly hosts - Ruzanna and Sos will make your stay adorable and memorable. Ruzanna is a wonderful cook, Sos is the person who is perfectly informed about all the interesting sights in the area. If you are tired of hotels, restaurant food and want to feel at home away from your home, then this is the right place for you. Please come over to our B&B. Here you can feel real Armenian family warmth, eat delicious food, and feel a part of the family. Ruzanna's daughters (Taguhi and Sona) are experts in tourism and will help you with any question you might come up both in Stepanavan and in Armenia. If you are lucky to have their daughters in the town, you will be suggested different tours in the area - hiking, going to the river, picking up berries, mushrooms, herbs and greens, etc.
House has one room available for guests and a cozy, beautiful balcony to enjoy your evenings in and a small beautiful garden.
Languages spoken: Armenian, Russian, English.
Guests with children are welcome.

  • There is a bedroom for 2 guests.
  • Hot/cold Water 24 hours
  • Kitchen, yard, nice balcony
Daily Price
Single Occupancy 7000 AMD
Single Occupancy With Dinner 10000 AMD
CB RA rate

For reservation, please contact B&B Armenia:
Tel. (+374 10) 263973